Hypnotherapy: in which cases it is worth going to a hypnotherapist

Do you know what made the European nation a leader, bypassing the advanced China and the East at the end of the Middle Ages? What gave rise to the Enlightenment era?⁣


It turned out to be the engine of human progress that surpassed the invention of paper, numbers, gunpowder and even green tea!!! ⁣If you don’t believe me, read Harari. Well, okay, okay, I added about tea from se

It is curiosity that drives the development of young children, and they then grow up into Galileo Galilei, Sigmund Freud and Elon Musk.⁣

Well, new impressions are responsible for the synthesis of the hormone of happiness – dopamine.

What am I all about?⁣

You will be able to spy on my work — I will write (and sometimes, maybe, shoot) about the process of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, when and how to use it, who should and who should not.

Admit it, you like to spy on how professionals work in their field, don’t you? By the way, this is the basis for the attractiveness of open kitchens in restaurants and the video from the series “The process of creating…” /” The making of…”⁣

When NOT to come:

  • If the problem is not with you, but with that guy. “Fix my husband” is for representatives of esoteric professions.
  • If your problem is not emotional, but intellectual. “I do not know how to raise my child” – here you need to develop knowledge and skills.
  • If when your problem is of a medical nature, but you have not yet received a medical opinion. “Frequent migraines” – check that there are no organic lesions, and then come.
  • If you know what’s best for yourself. Fine.

Be psychologically healthy!
With love, Katerina


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