Everyone feels down occasionally but not everyone feels that sense of hopeless despair common to sufferers of depression. When those feelings will just not let go, you may have depression. 

We are not just talking about temporary sadness or difficulties in coping with the struggles of daily life. Depression changes the way you think and feel. It often affects the way you behave and function too. For some, it saps all their energy just to get to the kitchen and make a cup of tea.

Depression can often be referred to by clients in the same breath as anxiety. Depression rarely comes alone and is often what we call co-morbid with anxiety. And because anxiety has many different guises, so does its friend depression and this can make it hard to treat conventionally. Some people feel angry, others feel empty and apathetic. Whatever the case, it is a serious condition that needs treating and if I am talking about you, speak to us.

We have successfully helped many clients just like you and with lasting results. Our toolkit includes helping you find the root of your feelings and digging it up. By looking at the cause in a different way you can change the way you feel about everyday situations. Hypnotherapy can also help alleviate the symptoms that come with depression such as sleep disorders, loss of motivation, weight management problems, anger and irritability, lack of self-worth, headaches and pain.

Therapists who solve this problem

Katerina Furman

Katerina Furman

Psychologist, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Supervisor, EMDR practitioner

Relationships and psychosomatics expert, founder of Fuller Life Centre

  • The British Psychological Society
  • Hypnosis british society clinical


Christina, UK

I’d like to say thank you to Katerina Furman and I highly recommend her services.

I got in touch in March 2019 and she estimated I would need 4 or 5 sessions. Turned out I needed 6, and I could see no result after the first 4 sessions.

I would like to encourage those in similar situation — don’t give up and carry on! I noticed progress after session 5 and the problem was completely gone after session 6!

When I compare the time or money required for this approach with what I spent on usual therapy, the choice is obviously in favour of hypnosis. 

I haven’t been able to figure out how exactly it works, but it actually doesn’t matter. 

What really matters is my emotional wellbeing: I’m always positive, I no longer have thoughts about committing suicide, about being cursed and other rubbish. If you’ve ever lived on an emotional roller coaster, you know what I mean — it may only take 30 min to move from feeling excited to feeling tearful, hysterical and then turning into apathy.

Our work has finished mid April, and it’s been 3,5 months that I’ve been living in a positive state of mind. 

Hypnosis works!

Alexandra, Russia

Just a couple months ago I haven’t heard anything about 5-PATH. I’ve come across it accidentally when reading Facebook, there was a post of a girl that has been struggling with depression and out of all comments it was the one made by Katerina that stood out for me.

When I viewed the video reviews on her website I could feel that these people were truly happy. Finally, I’ve found it! I wanted to live the way those people were living. 

Life was difficult back then. I thought my life wasn’t worth much, my fears were inseparable from who I was, my family was a complete mess, and everyone thought they could teach me how to live my life. I was trying to be a good girl and not to engage into arguments, but the reality was totally opposite. 

By that time I’d had experience of unsuccessful talk therapy that had pushed me even deeper into depression and I was feeling totally desperate. I was feeling physically sick looking in the mirror. Shortly before I found Katerina I had tried hypnosis. It didn’t work for me but helped alleviate my fear of hypnosis — it wasn’t scary as I thought it would.

I felt the changes after session 2 of 5-PATH, and after session 3 I was totally transformed. I became a better version of myself — same me, but with no fears and misconceptions. I could compare it to wearing a fur coat in Africa for 30 years and then, out of a sudden, taking it off! Sounds so simple, but everyone was saying “just get on with it”.

But now I feel refreshed, very natural and comfortable with myself. Now I know the true meaning of words “harmony” and “inner smile”. It’s truly amazing!

After the completion of my 5-PATH therapy life threw in a few challenges, but I’m proud that I’ve naturally reacted to those challenges a lot wiser.

I’m eternally grateful to the fate for helping me meet Katerina. She’s so wise, charming and full of energy! I admire her ability to explain complex things in a very simple way, and how professional and tactful she is! I only have very positive memories of our sessions.

Nadejda, Germany

Katerina, i thank you personally and thank my fortune that made us meet. My psychological state changed completely and remembering the past does not cause pain, grief or pity anymore. My fears are gone. I stopped worrying about uncertainty of my current position. I feel much more at ease. You noticed clearly my fears and grievances (they were aplenty) and defined the most "bitter" ones which we had to start with. Your sessions feel very professional and you love your job - this sparks confidence and peace of mind. Subconsiously, I felt there is a friend nearby who tries to guide you to heal and relax, and it works. Katerina, you are like a good fairy: you teach whoever could not resolve their fears or pain from losses, etc, etc, by themselves how to leave the negative behind, clear their brain and feel reborn like a Phoenix. To LIVE again and not simply exist, to BE and not only appear, to LOVE and TRUST. 


Ekaterina, London

Just 2 months ago I felt I reached the bottom: i had panic attached one after another, even in my sleep. I had a choose whether to start there and adapt to swallowing pills to drag on with the existence or push against the bottom to launch up!

So, Katerina Furman of Fuller Life Hypnosis was my launch pad to the World where there is no place for pain, panic or worries. Into the World I'm Loving!!!

Thank you for your talent, your professionalism and choosing your profession.

Polina, USA

I had an issue with my stomach, 8 years of doctor visits only gave me a diagnosis of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome — KF), which is not curable but can be controlled, they say.

And another doctor said it’s stress stomach, his solution was “don’t stress too much”…

So the problem was when I stressed out I needed to go to the restroom and when I needed to go to the restroom I stressed, and when there was no restroom close by I stressed and look for one.

I missed so many birthdays and weddings and super important events because I couldn’t leave my house, even if my stomach felt ok, I thought that I would need to go any moment and start stressing about it…

Enough about the problem. The solution. Katerina understood the problem and looked for the root, where is this problem coming from and what caused it and what we need to do to get rid of the root.

It was not easy!

Don’t think someone will tell you “you are rich” in hypnosis and you wake up rich. It was hard work for both Katerina and me. It took time to find the right situation and the experience I lived through that many years later caused me to have a stomach issue like this. This process might not be too pleasant, but it’s worth every second.

Finally I spend so much more time with people and with my family and somewhere out in the park. I can now travel and not worry about finding a restroom close by. I am happier because so much stress is off my shoulders. I feel like I love my husband more, because so many little fights are not there, no reason to have them. I made new friends and already visited new places. It’s an unbelievable feeling of freedom from years of limitations…

Thank you, Katerina! You helped me feel more comfortable in life and I actually started loosing weight, which was not even intended. Thank you!

Leanne, UK

Ekaterina, thank you so much for all your help. I am so grateful for an opportunity to work with you on some issues from my past that were holding me back from getting the quality of life I want. My quality of life has improved tremendously during the period we worked together. I am certain it's only a beginning of an amazing journey thanks to you!