Weight Loss and Eating Habits

Weight Loss and Eating Habits

Managing weight as you can imagine is a common concern for many people today. Some of that is to do with the images of physically attractive people in the media; some of it is related to becoming healthier. Managing weight can sometimes be about a physical condition and if you are worried about that you should approach your medical practitioner. Often it is a question of motivation and setting realistic goals, habit forming and redirecting our focus.

We know that being overweight increases your risk of health conditions such as heart and blood pressure problems, diabetes and some cancers. You may also find it more difficult to get around as it takes a toll on your joints and it may interrupt your sleeping pattern because of breathing difficulties at night.

Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious mind to overcome all those obstacles that it may have allowed in the past – really to protect you in one way or another. But of course life moves on and you may no longer need that comfort or protection. In fact it can be doing you more harm. 

For some people, it can be an all-consuming problem however. A roller-coaster of dieting and weight gain can quickly turn into a nightmare obsession and no longer have anything to do with food or even weight. 

After speaking with your GP, we will work as part of a team with others involved in your care to find the root your eating disorder and help you to think about it differently. We have successfully helped many clients just like you and with lasting results. By looking at the cause in a different way you can change the way you feel about everyday situations.

The sad reality of being on any diet is that they don’t work! On a diet, you keep restricting what you eat, counting points, going to meetings, etc., … and in the end, you might lose some weight but typically gain it right back when you get off the diet. 

Weight loss

The goal of hypnosis for weight loss is to shift away from dieting, restrictive eating and cycles of weight loss and gain. Hypnotherapy for weight loss addresses such issues as eating addictive foods (sugar, chocolate, etc.), binge eating, night-time eating, and yo-yo dieting. It helps people embrace healthy foods, reduce portions and connect with your inner guidance system that innately knows just how to keep you healthy. 

The reason why diets don’t work is that they do not address the real reason you are overweight. The root cause usually is emotionally driven. You use food to change the way you feel. Sometimes you do it intentionally, and other times without even knowing it.  

Hypnosis is an effective approach to weight loss because it works with feelings, emotional patterns and subconscious motivations. Hypnosis works directly and effectively with the automatic programming of the subconscious mind to shift, reframe or reprogram feelings and behaviours that previously sabotaged weight loss goals. 

Babies associate feeding with the comfort of their mothers. This feeling never really leaves us. So, under stress, we can revert back to those early days of complete dependency and immerse ourselves into emotional eating.

If you ever ate because you felt stressed, sad or lonely, you might be a comfort eater. Food is your coping mechanism, and without it, you might not know how to deal with your emotions. Hypnotherapy can help you address comfort eating, teaching you how to process negative emotions in a way that doesn’t lead to comfort eating.  

The other important point in losing weight is monitoring how much you eat and exercise. You will need to be honest with yourself about what you eat during the day and how you burn those calories. Many of us just eat mindlessly and end up consuming a considerable amount of calories on the go. Mindful eating is something that you will need to introduce into your life, and hypnotherapy can help focus your attention on it. 

Our skillful hypnotists will work with you to discover the root cause of your relationship with food which may include: using carbs and sugars as a treat for being good; increasing the intake of sugary food for comfort during a stressful time; remaining overweight to fit in with the rest of the family and friends etc.; using food to compensate for your unfulfilled needs, wants and desires. 

To start with, we will develop a plan for healthy habits. It will need to be a realistic plan which you will be able to follow. After that, we will use hypnosis to get your subconscious to accept and associate the new healthy habits with desirable feelings, replacing the old negative feelings. Hypnosis will help make new healthy habits become an automatic response. You will be amazed at how your cravings disappear and how your body works with you to move towards a healthier you. 

Please remember that hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy, and therefore should be used alongside a healthy eating plan and exercise regime.

Therapists who solve this problem

Valerie Robins

Valerie Robins

Advanced hypnotherapist

Specialist in working with addictions, excess weight, bad habits and self-confidence

  • General Hypnotherapy Standards Council


Olesia, UK

Huge thank you to Valerie for her work with me. I wanted to lose weight because I put on a lot of weight after having a baby. I couldn’t do anything about it because I don’t have any will power. I have never been able to diet for longer than three days or have regular exercises. I decided that hypnosis will help me. And I was right! What I didn’t expect is to discover that I had reasons why I was overeating and snacking all the time. Valerie helped me to find those reasons and remove them. 

After therapy, my mental health has improved dramatically, and I also changed my lifestyle. I sleep well and eat regularly, I don’t snack. I started going for long walks. I lost a lot of weight, my weight is very healthy at the moment, and, at some point, I decided not to lose any more. To be honest, before therapy I wanted to be skinny, but after therapy I feel so much acceptance and love for myself, that I just love the way I look, and I don’t want to lose more weight.

Daria, Russia

It has been quite spontaneous that I decided to reach out to Katerina for help, and I had no doubts I wanted to work with her on my issue. Results are obvious :) Moreover, I’ve generally become more mindful and started living a healthier lifestyle, I’ve started doing yoga and meditating. I have successfully implemented all the changes that we’d been working on. And it all happened as if by itself, just a miracle! Thank you ever so much!

Polina, USA

I had an issue with my stomach, 8 years of doctor visits only gave me a diagnosis of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome — KF), which is not curable but can be controlled, they say. And another doctor said it’s stress stomach, his solution was  “don’t stress too much”...
So the problem was when I stressed out I needed to go to the restroom and when I needed to go to the restroom I stressed, and when there was no restroom close by I stressed and look for one. I missed so many birthdays and weddings and super important events because I couldn’t leave my house, even if my stomach felt ok, I thought that I would need to go any moment and start stressing about it…

Enough about the problem. The solution.
Katerina understood the problem and looked for the root, where is this problem coming from and what caused it and what we need to do to get rid of the root.
It was not easy! Don’t think someone will tell you “you are rich” in hypnosis and you wake up rich. It was hard work for both Katerina and me. It took time to find the right situation and the experience I lived through that many years later caused me to have a stomach issue like this. This process might not be too pleasant, but it’s worth every second. 

Finally I spend so much more time with people and with my family and somewhere out in the park. I can now travel and not worry about finding a restroom close by.
I am happier because so much stress is off my shoulders. I feel like I love my husband more, because so many little fights are not there, no reason to have them. I made new friends and already visited new places. It’s an unbelievable feeling of freedom from years of limitations…

Thank you, Katerina! You helped me feel more comfortable in life and I actually started loosing weight, which was not even intended. Thank you!

Diana, Spain

Hello Katerina, thank you for your help!! I regained my self-confidence after your sessions. I react calmly to critics and am not afraid to express myself. My worrying is gone without a trace and most importantly I do not bite my nails anymore? I feel in harmony and can easily change my habits. I'm not working on my snacking habits and correcting my approach to food? I would not be here without your sessions. As a side effect, I do not want alcohol at all. I used to drink a couple of glasses on a Friday after a hard week. Nowadays, even when a week is tough I do not want to drink any alcohol, I'm learning to relax in other ways instead?

Naira, Amsterdam

I am so grateful to Katerina. The experience with her is a game changer. In only a few sessions Katerina helped me to get rid of my fears and worries related to my upcoming IVF as well as helped me to sort out the multiple issues that I’ve developed since my childhood due to difficult relationships with my farther that resulted in trust issues, worries and eating disorders. Not only I’ve got over those long lasting issues but as a bonus I have improved wellbeing - I sleep better and my heartbeat and blood pressure have normalized. Very happy I’ve met Katerina at such an important moment of my life.

Daria, Russia

It has been quite spontaneous that I decided to reach out to Katerina for help, and I had no doubts I wanted to work with her on my issue [weight loss - KF]. Results are obvious :) Moreover, I’ve generally become more mindful and started living a healthier lifestyle, I’ve started doing yoga and meditating. I have successfully implemented all the changes that we’d been working on. And it all happened as if by itself, just a miracle! Thank you ever so much!