Habits: nail biting, hair pulling, smoking, etc.

Habits: nail biting, hair pulling, smoking, etc.

The benefits of breaking a bad habit

Breaking a bad habit can bring many positive changes to your life. The extent of that change will depend primarily on your bad habit and how much it affects your life. Below are examples of some habits you may want to challenge and the benefits doing so will bring.

Quitting smoking: Many health benefits, and save a fortune

Everyone knows that stopping smoking will improve your health. But it could also help improve your sex life! According to the NHS, quitting smoking brings many more benefits than the obvious one of reducing cancer risk.

Quitting smoking also reduces stress, gives more energy, improves fertility, improves taste and smell, and helps you to live longer.

Quitting also helps your family and friends. Breathing in someone else’s smoke increases the risk of some cancers, heart disease, and stroke, while children who breathe second-hand smoke have double the risk of chest and ear infections, wheezing, and asthma.

In the UK, a packet of cigarettes is now £10 and up. Giving up a 20-a-day habit will save you over £300 per month, that’s £3,600 per year – think what you could do with that new spare cash!

Hypnotherapy is an ideal tool to help you become a non-smoker. During hypnotherapy, you will understand why you were smoking in the first place and develop a belief that you can quit smoking as if you were always a non-smoker. Hypnosis opens the door to a lasting change by going straight to the source of the problem and by reframing your entire perception of smoking at the subconscious level. It will help you gain a happier, healthier and longer life. 

Quitting drinking: Many health benefits, and save a fortune

Like quitting smoking, stopping drinking will bring many health and social benefits and save the average household in the UK £900 per year

Quitting or at least reducing your alcohol consumption will lower your risk of heart disease, pancreatitis, stokes, liver diseases, and liver, bowel, mouth, and breast cancers.

We have clients with different levels of drinking: from moderate consumption to serious alcoholism (see Addictions). No matter what your level of a drinking problem is, you are in the right place. Hypnotherapy works directly with the root cause of the problem eliminating the need for it in the first place. By giving you positive suggestions, your hypnotherapist will empower you to start a new healthier life without the old ways.

Quit comfort eating sweets and chocolate: Younger-looking skin and loads more!

You likely know that eating too much sugar isn’t good for you. Britons consume 2.9m tonnes of sugar a year – that’s 43 kg a year each! Per person, that’s 166,000 calories a year in sugar alone.

Eating too many sweets or chocolate can harm your skin. The sugar in them can start a process in our bodies that hardens the collagen in our skin, leading to loose skin and wrinkles. Reducing your sugar intake will be doing your skin, teeth and heart a huge favour.

Your hypnotherapist will be working with you to find the reason why you have this habit in the first place. Once the root cause is discovered, this habit will be reframed, so you will stop having the cravings and need for eating sweets and chocolate. As hypnosis works directly with your subconscious mind, the changes will be deep and permanent.

Quit pulling your hair out

Hair pulling, known as trichotillomania, is a private but surprisingly widespread condition. Trichotillomania can be a habit, addiction or a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder. It commonly starts in the teenage years, and is more common than most people think.

Hair pulling may be triggered by or accompanied by several emotional states. It can be preceded by anxiety, boredom, stress, or tension and can result in feelings of gratification, relief, or pleasure following the pulling. (ref 1)

There is always a reason why people have this habit in the first place. Your hypnotherapist will help you discover what makes you pull your hair and reprogram unwanted behaviour. 

Quit nail biting

The habit of biting your nails can be extremely frustrating. Even when you consciously make an effort to break this habit, you may find yourself realising that you are yet again biting your nails.

Hypnotherapy taps directly into your subconscious mind and allows you to very rapidly and easily reprogram your automatic habits like nail-biting, so you just start to even forget you ever bit your nails. 

By quitting bad habits like these and many others, you can make life-changing improvements to your physical and mental health and take more control of your life.

How To Quit Bad Habits For Good

Bad habits don’t develop overnight, so you shouldn’t expect to see instant change. Here are a few things you can give a go:

Tackle one bad habit at a time

You may want to rid yourself of more than one bad habit. However, you need to understand that quitting one bad habit at a time is more realistic, achievable and brings better, longer-lasting results.

If you want to give up nail-biting, drinking, and overeating chocolate, for example, pick which one to focus on first. Often ridding yourself of one bad habit first makes tackling further habits much more effortless. 

Take it one day at a time

Whenever breaking a habit, most find it helpful to think about breaking it one day at a time. The thought of looking into the future too far can seem daunting and overwhelming.

Keeping track of how many days you’ve broken a habit and perhaps celebrate at some milestones, like 24 hours, a week is a great way to help your keep your motivation going.

If your habit is expensive, like smoking, putting the money saved in a big jar every day can help reinforce the positives of breaking the habit.


Many people find themselves trying to break the same habit over and over again. This can sometimes lead to feelings of frustration, sadness, anger, and resignation.

Our hypnotherapy sessions help you work through your emotions to understand the changes you are capable of. They can help you take complete control of your life and improve it.

Why Us?

We specialise in helping people get to the root cause of any bad habits and work with you to stop them at the source. We ‘hold your hand’ through the process, and we guide you to breaking your habit yourself.

1. 1 Koushik, C., “The genetic factors influencing the development of trichotillomania,” Journal of Genetics, August 2012, Volume 91, Issue 2: Pages 259–262.

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Maxine, UK

Thank you so much I've haven't smoked since last Wednesday. I've shared your Facebook page. I did feel very tired and had a headache for a couple of days. But I feeling so much better ? ☺️ maxine xxx

Rolandas, UK

This is a review about my stop-smoking hypnotherapy with Valerie Robins. What can I say – I just stopped! It worked! I am delighted with the results. Now my family is not annoyed with me anymore, and I feel much better when I do sports or physical work in general. Thank you very much, and I recommend Valerie to other people who want to give up smoking.

Lera, UK

I came to Valerie for help with the problem of alcoholism. It was hard to accept this fact.

It turned out that I had many different personal problems and barriers. At first, I didn't really believe in this method, but I decided to try it, because there was nothing to lose. We have worked on many issues, now I don't drink, and I have discovered new horizons for myself - I fell in love with extreme sports, although I was very afraid of anything like that before. I definitely recommend hypnotherapy with Valerie, but you need to be prepared for this psychologically, emotionally and physically. Good health to all!

Stuart, UK

I visited Valerie to give up smoking because of health concerns and the sheer cost of cigarettes these days! Valerie took the time to understand my reasons and motivations for wanting to give up. She took my motivations and used them to work with me as an individual - not something I've experienced with previous hypnotherapists. The bottom line is that her hypnotherapy worked, and I'm not smoking, saving more than £300 per month. I feel so much healthier, and I can smell and taste better too!

Thanks Valerie!!!

Sophie, UK

Hey Valerie just thought I would give you an update!! I’ve cut down the weed a hell of a lot, some days I even go without!! 

And I’m also considering taking on more clients for my hairdressing!! The hypnotherapy really boosted my confidence, Thank you again and I hope you’re well!! X

Diana, Spain

Hello Katerina, thank you for your help!! I regained my self-confidence after your sessions. I react calmly to critics and am not afraid to express myself. My worrying is gone without a trace and most importantly I do not bite my nails anymore? I feel in harmony and can easily change my habits. I'm not working on my snacking habits and correcting my approach to food? I would not be here without your sessions. As a side effect, I do not want alcohol at all. I used to drink a couple of glasses on a Friday after a hard week. Nowadays, even when a week is tough I do not want to drink any alcohol, I'm learning to relax in other ways instead?

Suzanna, Ireland

I came to Katerina to stop picking my nails as I could not stop this nasty habit on my own: I simply could not control it whatever my friends and closest said. My fingers used to be blooded and nails looking awful all the time. At some point in time I even started to enjoy that.

I stopped touching my fingers after the first session. I did not feel like picking them even when I was excited. Katerina told me i'd need three sessions and as i read many client reviews i decided to work on other issues as well: alcohol, self-doubt, relations with men.

This extra work took longer of course. It was hard work at times but Katerina is a wonderful expert whom people can entrust with themselves.

I'm very happy with the results of our work. Thank you very much Katerina for your magic and science.