Procrastination and Lack of Motivation

Procrastination and Lack of Motivation

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Katerina Furman

Psychologist, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Supervisor, EMDR practitioner

Relationships and psychosomatics expert, founder of Fuller Life Centre

  • The British Psychological Society
  • Hypnosis british society clinical


Karina, Russia

As Katerina once said to me, all changes come so smoothly and naturally that you can’t help thinking it was all by itself. And you simply can’t be your old self. Just a few sessions, but they have changed so much in me.

I was a bit uneasy at the start, I didn’t know what the process would entail, and I was afraid to find something ugly inside of me. 

The first session has had that “wow” effect on me — it was a deep dive into the process and I was rewarded with such powerful insights! 

And then it just kept on giving. Some insights were more powerful than others, sometimes I bumped into an internal wall of resistance, which made things even more thrilling and exciting.

And the results… Well, in the process of therapy Katerina and I have modified my initial goals. The very act of talking through the goals and answering some basic questions I had never asked myself previously helped me realise that some of the goals weren’t mine, and I didn’t really want them. 

I think I’ve achieved my goals. It may seem very trivial to someone that I started putting myself first, I became a lot more confident and now I can express my thoughts and feelings to others openly, but these are the things I simply didn’t have previously. 

Katerina helped me find myself, realise that everything is in my hands, helped me believe that I’m strong and determined, and I can have my own full life!

Irina, Russia

I always had a huge problem – I could never make a decision. I was always afraid to make the wrong choice and then regret it. Therefore, I have always relied on the advice of friends and relatives. My self-doubt was just off the scale!

 When I came to Valerie for hypnotherapy, I did not expect such an in-depth work on my problems. She was not satisfied with superficial answers, she went deeper and deeper! After her sessions, my relationship with myself, with others and the world completely changed. The victim's state was gone, and I became very confident in myself.

 I started making decisions after the very first session (even though Valerie asked me to wait until the end of therapy), and I am delighted with this new feeling. Now I feel an inner core that I have never had, and this is an indescribable feeling. I highly recommend anyone who has a problem of confidence to go to the session with Valerie. It really works!

Eugenia, Russia

Katerina thank you ever so much for changing my life. I’ve never thought that just a few sessions of hypnotherapy can change thoughts and behaviours so much. Now it feels as if it’s always been like that, so natural… However when I look back, I can see just HOW DIFFERENT everything is now. My life has become a lot happier and more joyful, and I feel so empowered right now that I think I can move mountains. Thank you so much for your amazing work and professionalism! You are a true magician :) 

Lena, Thailand

Our sessions have turned my life around completely, but I have a feeling it’s just a beginning!

First, Ian and I are finally together and are truly happy. I am a happy person now. Of course, there are days when we argue but you’ve taught me the core skill, to accept my part in it and to not push the blame where it doesn’t belong.

There is also huge progress at work. Ian & I both managed to get jobs in China as we wanted, with my salary being previously un-imaginable, great flexible working schedule and a great team, too.
I’m a confident line manager of 11 people  now and I easily manage them, being demanding when needed and seeing my team as great resource rather than competition.
I even managed to let go of one employee who wasn’t the best fit to the role, and it’s a revolutionary change for me. Previously I couldn’t even express my opinion let alone set boundaries and stick to my guns. Turns out it feels great to only focus on nice people and not waste your energy on less nice ones!

It will male me happy if my story helps other people find you and convince them of using your services. Everyone should be aware of this method!
I’ll never forget how a psychologist told me after our first session that I would need 3 to 4 years of regular sessions to see some changes! Initially I couldn’t believe that just a few sessions would make an impact, I was totally convinced I was a hopeless case. But I’m so glad I used this chance!

Thank you ever so much Katerina!