Diagnostic Session

The process of your therapy starts with an initial consultation. It’s a very useful session where you can share the details of your very individual issue and get confidence that my method can help resolve it.

You’ll get to know me and make sure that we connect on the personal level before we start a course of hypnotherapy.

Diagnostic Session

Who It's For

This session is for you if you are:

Tired of your problem, and you may have tried some other methods before but they didn’t work

It’s you who’s wholeheartedly willing to change — it’s not the pressure of people around you who want to see you change, and you’ve surrendered

You’re ready to commit time and efforts to create that positive shift in your life

This session is NOT for you if you are:

Not really bothered by the issue and not sure if you want to deal with it

You’ve surrendered to others’ suggestions “to try”

You prefer something that is free of charge and requires no efforts from your side whatsoever.

As a result of the session you will:

Discover how I can help you to deal with your specific problem, using the some of the most advanced and effective hypnotic methods

Discover why the method is so powerful and why hypnosis is essential to get lasting change

Get an estimate of how long the therapy will be (spoiler: for most people it’s just a few sessions!) and the investment and time required from your side

Get answers to all your questions.

Diagnostic Session

If you’re ready to commit and want just to find out if my method is the right tool for you and if we are going to be a good fit, then go ahead.

If you’re just looking for info, then you could read more about the method and treatments I provide and come back when you are ready.

Ready to give yourself a gift of a fuller happier life? Book your initial consultation here

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