Here you can listen to and download guided relaxation recordings, specially designed to help you learn relax and release stress and anxiety. It only takes 15 min and you can practice them either during the day or before falling asleep – there are two slightly different versions for that.

Fuller Life Hypnosis – Learning To Relax
Fuller Life Hypnosis – Learning To Relax And Fall Asleep


They will definitely help you to manage stress when it has appeared. They help you calm down and feel more in control here and now, but they are not designed to address the root cause. To address the root cause you may need a dedicated course of hypnotherapy or 7-PATH® Self-Hypnosis.

Of course you can! My clients with anxiety and even panic attacks have reported significant symptom relief even when in public spaces or on transport (planes, tube, etc.). Depending on time of the day just chose either daytime or nighttime recording.

You can listen to them anywhere you feel comfortable and can close your eyes safely. The sound is recorded loud enough to cover the noise of the tube or plane engines should the need be. NEVER EVER LISTEN TO THESE RECORDINGS WHILE DRIVING

It’s perfectly normal. Your brain is so overloaded that it’s trying to get a break at earliest convenience. Once the recording has stopped you will pop back out, feeling rested and calm.

You may get an undesired effect. Those who accidentally listened to the daytime recording couldn’t go to sleep for a couple of hours; and those who listened to the nighttime one during the day couldn’t get enough coffee to stay awake.