Let’s talk about processing emotions

A house with four bedrooms is radically different from an apartment with two.
My recent move to a new home created an urgent need to throw out a bunch of old things. So on a
sunny August morning, I found myself at the local recycling center. The garbage from there is taken
away for reincarnation, as a result, used Philips hair dryers are turned into Dysons.

😳 You can enter the Recycling Center only strictly upon presentation of your license. If you’re not local,
then you can’t. At first, I was surprised. What difference does it make where that hair dryer lived
Then, I understood the great idea of this system.
The waste recycling center is designed for a certain capacity. This is, let’s say, a hundred hair dryers per
year. If two hundred are brought in, the system will be overwhelmed, and our local hairdryers will
remain unprocessed, hindering the development of the hairdryer population in a particular county.

♻️ You and I are the same systems. We “process” emotions, our own and other people’s, so that
valuable life experience can be obtained from incomprehensible negative trash.

💪🏻 But this requires resources. It is important that we have enough strength for ourselves and for the
people important to us. To do this, there must be a “ticket” at the entrance, showing whether you are
“my person” or not to understand whether I agree to process your emotions or not. Do I have enough
power for such emotional work?

🥺 Unfortunately, not all people know about “tickets”. At the same time, there are individuals who come
and dump their “garbage” on us, sometimes not even sorted.
Sometimes we cannot resolutely turn the visitor around, and then we discover that we don’t even have
enough strength to process the received emotions for ourselves.
So, it turns out that “old hair dryers” accumulate over time, and people bring more and more. Behind
the mountains of this rubbish, you have even forgotten that you can also benefit from it.

If you feel that:

  • 🔻too many unprocessed emotions have accumulated inside;
  • 🔻you don’t understand how to extract something useful from them;
  • 🔻you can’t learn to give out “tickets”, or set boundaries for those who want to dump their emotional
  • trash on you;
  • 🔻if you need to get rid of a specific malicious violator of your boundaries,

come see me at EMDR therapy.

✨ Carefully but effectively we will clear, recycle, and protect your feelings so that valuable life
experience appears instead of emotional garbage. At the same time, your recycling center’s capacity will
go only to you and those you choose.
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Katerina Furman
Psychologist, hypnotherapist, EMDR


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