Valerie Robins

Hello! I am Valerie Robins, and I have been working at Fuller Life Centre since it was founded. I help my clients overcome addictions, get rid of bad habits and remove mental obstacles preventing loss of excess weight.

Also, I encourage self-confidence and the right attitude in my clients before important events: exams, an interview with an employer, a driving test, and so on.


General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

With great care, I will help you find what stops you from living in harmony with yourself and eliminate the limiting barriers which suppress the real you. No matter what negative emotions you experience or what is happening around you, I will help you to create peace inside your mind.

In my work, I use effective methods developed by advanced hypnotherapy schools in the UK, USA and Russia.

I am constantly improving my qualifications, studying new techniques, and participating in conferences and seminars. Furthermore, I am a member of the most respected international communities of hypnotherapists, such as NGH, GHR and CNHC.

The idea of becoming a hypnotherapist came to me when, after many years of unsuccessful attempts at quitting, my husband stopped smoking after one session of hypnotherapy.

Then I thought it was a miracle, but now I can do such impressive things myself.

In my work, I combine classical hypnosis, hypnoanalysis and EMDR techniques. We will extract the root of the problem and work with it directly so that unwanted thoughts and behaviour will not resurface in the face of another stress.

It is scientifically proven that of all the information the brain uses to make decisions, 95% of this information is based in our subconscious mind. Much of the causes of our psychological discomfort and emotional problems are also in our subconscious. With the help of hypnosis, we can painlessly and quickly neutralize the source of your unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviour, whether it’s the habit of biting your nails, panic attacks or fear of public speaking.

My task is to help you make important changes within yourself and achieve a state where you can live in the flow. You will still need to make an effort, but it will be an effortless effort based on your genuine interest in life and self-care.

My approach will allow you to find and recognize your uniqueness and take an active role in your life. I will help you to take the vital steps that you once feared.

Remember a moment in your life when you felt the most alive and capable of anything. Now imagine that you can feel like this every day. I will be happy to help you get there.

Book a diagnostic session by clicking the button below to find out how I can help you. Looking forward to working with you! 

  • You can only book an initial consultation through the website. We’ll schedule your therapy sessions once we spoke and you are happy to continue with your therapy.
  • A therapy session lasts for up to 90 min and costs £150.
  • Everyone’s issues are unique to them, and the number of sessions required can only be estimated after the initial consultation. I encourage you to book your session and learn how I can help you with your issues.

    Till then!

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