Fears and Phobias

Fears and Phobias

Most people are apprehensive about something: spiders, heights, public speaking. As humans we have sophisticated mechanisms to spot and avoid danger and nervousness is part of that adaptation.

A phobia is rather different. A phobia is an abnormal fear of something that is disproportionate to the threat it poses. For example, a common house spider in the UK is not worthy of screaming terror, nausea, and hyperventilating. In truth phobics are often well aware of that logic: the fear is not rational but can be very limiting and embarrassing.

It is not uncommon. In the UK it is estimated that 10 million people suffer with a phobia. Out of 67 million people, that is significant.

Every phobia is different and people respond to things and situations in very different ways. This may be related to a past trauma or a series of bad experiences or even transmitted from someone else: fear can be quite infectious.

However, if you suffer from a fear of something it is likely to be limiting you in some way. You will have developed coping mechanisms just to make it through an event, a journey or even go to the bathroom. You may also experience common symptoms similar to anxiety or panic attacks: shortness of breath, elevated heart rate, sweating, crying.

We have successfully helped many clients just like you and with lasting results. Our toolkit includes helping you find the root of your phobia and digging it up. By looking at the cause in a different way you can change the way you feel about everyday situations. By reframing your nervousness in the right way, you can get your life back in a relatively short space of time.

Therapists who solve this problem

Katerina Furman

Psychologist, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Supervisor, EMDR practitioner

Relationships and psychosomatics expert, founder of Fuller Life Centre

  • The British Psychological Society
  • Hypnosis british society clinical


Varvara, Russia

The law of attraction stipulates that in order to get something in your life you need to imagine it has already happened. And imagine your feelings in the moment when you realise that the desired moment has come. 

And you choose the right day, send your wish into the universe, high quality wording, you know, all written down… And 10 years later you walk down the street, and then — boom! You realise it’s there! You dream has come true!

Why am I talking about all that? Well, in our work with Katerina this happens to me every bloody week! “Hi Varvara, what has worked for you this week?” Oh my God, exactly that: food has now become just food, to fuel my energy and for taste pleasure, not more not less! How was I feeling? Well, I was feeling amazing, I felt beautiful and sassy, well hang on a minute it’s exactly what I was asking for when we started?!

And it’s not your forced affirmation “I am the best and most beautiful woman”, it all comes from within. And it’s the form that catches up with the essence, and that essence is already inside of me, it is real. So I can’t resist it, I can’t build up walls and hide from those new positive beliefs — they are there, already tried and tested and I can only observe the changes that stem from them.

Hypnotherapy is not “stand up and walk” like Jesus said, but at a certain moment you just realise that you’re walking. And it feels so good! 

And it takes, well, a month to get there. Not YEARS :)

Christina, UK

I’d like to say thank you to Katerina Furman and I highly recommend her services.

I got in touch in March 2019 and she estimated I would need 4 or 5 sessions. Turned out I needed 6, and I could see no result after the first 4 sessions.

I would like to encourage those in similar situation — don’t give up and carry on! I noticed progress after session 5 and the problem was completely gone after session 6!

When I compare the time or money required for this approach with what I spent on usual therapy, the choice is obviously in favour of hypnosis. 

I haven’t been able to figure out how exactly it works, but it actually doesn’t matter. 

What really matters is my emotional wellbeing: I’m always positive, I no longer have thoughts about committing suicide, about being cursed and other rubbish. If you’ve ever lived on an emotional roller coaster, you know what I mean — it may only take 30 min to move from feeling excited to feeling tearful, hysterical and then turning into apathy.

Our work has finished mid April, and it’s been 3,5 months that I’ve been living in a positive state of mind. 

Hypnosis works!

Nadejda, Germany

Katerina, i thank you personally and thank my fortune that made us meet. My psychological state changed completely and remembering the past does not cause pain, grief or pity anymore. My fears are gone. I stopped worrying about uncertainty of my current position. I feel much more at ease. You noticed clearly my fears and grievances (they were aplenty) and defined the most "bitter" ones which we had to start with. Your sessions feel very professional and you love your job - this sparks confidence and peace of mind. Subconsiously, I felt there is a friend nearby who tries to guide you to heal and relax, and it works. Katerina, you are like a good fairy: you teach whoever could not resolve their fears or pain from losses, etc, etc, by themselves how to leave the negative behind, clear their brain and feel reborn like a Phoenix. To LIVE again and not simply exist, to BE and not only appear, to LOVE and TRUST. 


Naira, Amsterdam

I am so grateful to Katerina. The experience with her is a game changer. In only a few sessions Katerina helped me to get rid of my fears and worries related to my upcoming IVF as well as helped me to sort out the multiple issues that I’ve developed since my childhood due to difficult relationships with my farther that resulted in trust issues, worries and eating disorders. Not only I’ve got over those long lasting issues but as a bonus I have improved wellbeing - I sleep better and my heartbeat and blood pressure have normalized. Very happy I’ve met Katerina at such an important moment of my life.