Anger: Children, Driving, etc.

Anger: Children, Driving, etc.


People feel angry when they have been treated unfairly. It is a normal and valid feeling as a reaction to being deceived, insulted, or even under attack. For many, this natural reaction comes and leaves quickly. However, for some, it gets out of control and starts affecting their life.

If you find it difficult to control your anger, it can lead to mental and physical health problems, affect your relationships, work, and even self-esteem. Carrying a lot of anger about your past inside you is like drinking poison and hoping that another person will die. 

Anger can manifest in many ways, both physically and mentally. Here are some of the ways you might notice anger affecting you:

  • irritability
  • feeling unable to relax
  • keep reliving an event
  • muscle tension
  • shaking
  • feeling hot
  • tight feeling in the chest
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • feeling guilty

It can be helpful for you to note the way anger affects you so you can recognise your red flags. Gaining awareness of this and your triggers is the first step to managing your anger.

Hypnotherapy is very effective at anger management. First of all, your hypnotherapist will help you to understand the root cause of your anger. Most of the time, the feelings of anger stem from past experiences. These experiences can shape your behaviour and belief system. So, while you may think another person or situation is causing your anger, it may well come from inside of you. Once this is understood, your hypnotherapist can begin work changing this.

Once the root cause is understood and eliminated, your hypnotherapist will help you change your negative thought processes. You will start noticing that your reaction to anger triggers changes, and you feel calmer and more relaxed. Feeling calmer in stressful situations helps you to think more clearly so you can react in a more appropriate way.

Therapists who solve this problem

Katerina Furman

Psychologist, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Supervisor, EMDR practitioner

Relationships and psychosomatics expert, founder of Fuller Life Centre


Tamara, UK

I turned to Valerie for help on the advice of a friend during a very difficult period of my life. 

To be honest, I didn’t really expect much, I just wanted to talk to someone. After two sessions, I felt like I started “seeing things” clearly and I stopped being angry. After five sessions, my life began to change and I am seeing the world from a different perspective. I made changes that I was afraid of making for 8 years. 

Of course, I will still have to work on myself, but the anger, which has been eating me from inside, has now gone. Now I am asking myself – why haven’t I booked therapy with Valerie earlier??? Thank you very much, Valerie for your work. I’m over the moon with the results. You literally saved me!

Victoria, UK

Thank you for your work! In just a few sessions my whole life has changed: I feel happy, confident, a good mum and calm in a conflict. Thank you! You're a pro!

Lena, Thailand

Our sessions have turned my life around completely, but I have a feeling it’s just a beginning!

First, Ian and I are finally together and are truly happy. I am a happy person now. Of course, there are days when we argue but you’ve taught me the core skill, to accept my part in it and to not push the blame where it doesn’t belong.

There is also huge progress at work. Ian & I both managed to get jobs in China as we wanted, with my salary being previously un-imaginable, great flexible working schedule and a great team, too.
I’m a confident line manager of 11 people  now and I easily manage them, being demanding when needed and seeing my team as great resource rather than competition.
I even managed to let go of one employee who wasn’t the best fit to the role, and it’s a revolutionary change for me. Previously I couldn’t even express my opinion let alone set boundaries and stick to my guns. Turns out it feels great to only focus on nice people and not waste your energy on less nice ones!

It will male me happy if my story helps other people find you and convince them of using your services. Everyone should be aware of this method!
I’ll never forget how a psychologist told me after our first session that I would need 3 to 4 years of regular sessions to see some changes! Initially I couldn’t believe that just a few sessions would make an impact, I was totally convinced I was a hopeless case. But I’m so glad I used this chance!

Thank you ever so much Katerina!

Ekaterina, OAE

Dear Katerina! I would like to say 'thank you'! You have helped me a lot! I'm so grateful that I have met you at this stage of my life! My partner and I had difficulties in our relationship and I was blaming myself for everything. I was a little skeptical about hypnosis before but now I can see a tremendous result just after 4 sessions with you! All my issues are solved and I feel more confident, relaxed and happy! You are such a professional, kind and understanding person! I can't recommend you enough! Thank you!