Katerina Furman

Hello, I’m Katerina Furman and I’m glad to welcome you to Fuller Life Centre: a clinic fully devoted to your mental and emotional health.

I help busy people to resolve their relationships and health issues, including depression, anxiety and other psychogenic illnesses.

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Being a psychologist, a clinical hypnotherapist and an EMDR practitioner, I  see how emotions define all aspects of my clients’ lives, from energy levels to health issues, or from relationships to self-esteem.

In 2002, I was awarded my degree in Psychology, and I had to grow a good deal personally and professionally before I realised that our subconscious mind and emotions are fundamental to anything and everything in our lives. I’ve been working using that paradigm since 2017, as a practitioner and later as a trainer and GHR supervisor for other therapists.

The methods that I use are among the most efficient for in-depth emotional work, and are supported by scientific evidence. 

I share my findings and experience as an author for professional publications, present at international conferences and also support other colleagues as an accredited supervisor.

Even the innovative methods that I use are based on methods that stood the test of time, like psychoanalysis, gestalt, trauma theory, attachment theory, and so on. That allows me to confidently select and combine the best approaches in psychotherapy for each of my clients.

Although the therapy is relatively fast and efficient, the work is done with the utmost care and support. You’ve had enough grief living with your issues, therefore, getting rid of them with every session should bring relief.

Every person is unique, and I create a therapy plan for each client and their needs individually, tailoring the combination to suit the task in hand.

Our therapy starts with an initial consultation, where we create a therapy plan to follow (and course correct if necessary).

It brings me immense joy to see my clients shedding off the emotional weight they’d been carrying for years. I observe the transformation in how they think and feel, how their health improves and how their valued relationships become happier.  

Please take the time to read the testimonials you’ll find on the site to become inspired about the changes you could experience, too. 

I’ll be happy to have a conversation with you to illustrate that you, too, can change the way you feel and live a fuller and a happier life — even if you’re already doubting your ability to do so.

You can book your initial consultation by clicking the button below. 

  • You can only book an initial consultation through the website. We’ll schedule your therapy sessions once we spoke and you are happy to continue with your therapy.
  • A therapy session lasts for up to 90 min and costs £250.
  • Everyone’s issues are unique to them, and the number of sessions required can only be estimated after the initial consultation. I encourage you to book your session and learn how I can help you with your issues.

    Till then!

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