Olesia, UK

Huge thank you to Valerie for her work with me. I wanted to lose weight because I put on a lot of weight after having a baby. I couldn’t do anything about it because I don’t have any will power. I have never been able to diet for longer than three days or have regular exercises. I decided that hypnosis will help me. And I was right! What I didn’t expect is to discover that I had reasons why I was overeating and snacking all the time. Valerie helped me to find those reasons and remove them. 

After therapy, my mental health has improved dramatically, and I also changed my lifestyle. I sleep well and eat regularly, I don’t snack. I started going for long walks. I lost a lot of weight, my weight is very healthy at the moment, and, at some point, I decided not to lose any more. To be honest, before therapy I wanted to be skinny, but after therapy I feel so much acceptance and love for myself, that I just love the way I look, and I don’t want to lose more weight.


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