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Katerina Furman

Psychologist, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Supervisor, EMDR practitioner

Anxiety, depression and psychosomatics expert, founder of Fuller Life Centre


Varvara, Russia

The law of attraction stipulates that in order to get something in your life you need to imagine it has already happened. And imagine your feelings in the moment when you realise that the desired moment has come. 

And you choose the right day, send your wish into the universe, high quality wording, you know, all written down… And 10 years later you walk down the street, and then — boom! You realise it’s there! You dream has come true!

Why am I talking about all that? Well, in our work with Katerina this happens to me every bloody week! “Hi Varvara, what has worked for you this week?” Oh my God, exactly that: food has now become just food, to fuel my energy and for taste pleasure, not more not less! How was I feeling? Well, I was feeling amazing, I felt beautiful and sassy, well hang on a minute it’s exactly what I was asking for when we started?!

And it’s not your forced affirmation “I am the best and most beautiful woman”, it all comes from within. And it’s the form that catches up with the essence, and that essence is already inside of me, it is real. So I can’t resist it, I can’t build up walls and hide from those new positive beliefs — they are there, already tried and tested and I can only observe the changes that stem from them.

Hypnotherapy is not “stand up and walk” like Jesus said, but at a certain moment you just realise that you’re walking. And it feels so good! 

And it takes, well, a month to get there. Not YEARS :)